Recommendations on the cultivation of dahlias

Dahlia is the secondhalf of the summer and autumn flower, the queen, without a
beautiful garden is unimaginable. Dahlias are relatively modest plants, but the best is
well fertilized, and deep-kneaded
enough moist soil to the desiredacidity of Ph-6 0.5-
7, 5. Dahlias like a sunny location, protected from strong winds. For dahlias the best
is the moming sun, and sunlight need at least 6 hours a day. Shady place grown
dahlias will be lanky and make little flowers.

In our climate conditions the best time for planting tubers are from May I to June
1. Can be planted well before Midsummer Day, but then the growth of tubers will be
little, but the bloom open beautifully.

Dahlias tubers are planted in 5 - 10 cm deep, the planting distancebetween plants
is 50 cm, low growing dahlias may be planted more compact. After appearanceof
first sprouts, plantation must be mulch (muliets) - that mean to cover with peat,
compost, or putrid barn manure layer. Watering during the growth period must be
infrequently, but generously. Dahlias new soft shoots are often killed by aphids and
other vermin. There is need to follow the conditions and, if necessary,destroy them
with spaying appropriateprotective equipment.
When the dahlias bloom, rejoice the heart until the first autumn frost. If you will
cover those flowers with agropolythelenskin, you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of the
flowers even longer.

When dahlias tops get frostbitten, you can preparefor tubers grubbing. First of all,
with gardening scissorsor a knife cut the top of the plants, leaving stem 10 cm from
the ground. Then carefully scoop out a bush, trying as much as possible to avoid root
injuries, and then clean this bush carefully from the soil. We don't wash the roots,
because we believe that it is a better way how to preserve them during the winter
time. Then remaining part of the stem must be reduced to rooting border. Afterwards
roots slightly-dried and preparedfor storagefor winter. Tubers could be dividend both
in fall and spring as well. Stored deep in boxes wrapped in newspapers,or in the
chippings of fresh conifers.

Good luck!